Achieve that spa look in your bathroom

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Heading off to a spa is the perfect way to unwind, but finding the time and money to venture out to these places on a regular basis might be tricky. Instead, why not create your very own luxury bathing environment at home?

It might seem extravagant, but it’s now easier than ever to design and bring to life stunning, hotel-quality bathrooms that boast all the luxury and indulgence of professional spas.

The focal point

To achieve the best results when you’re designing this space, it’s a good idea to put plenty of thought into your bath. This should be the focal point of the room and the success of your entire revamp project could hinge on whether or not you choose the right one and put it in the best place.

If you really want to make a statement, you could take a look at the opulent freestanding baths and, to complete the look, you could fit it on a plinth. Stepping up to an elevated tub helps to make the experience feel special.

Also, you could use a simple trick to draw attention to the tub. For example, placing it in front of contrasting wall tiles can help to bring your bath to life.

Pampering to the max

On the subject of baths, it’s well worth checking out the fabulous whirlpool versions now available. There’s nothing quite like the gentle, warm massage these bubble jets provide.

After a hard day at work or on a lazy weekend morning, you can sink into your bath in your private pampering zone and forget your troubles. These whirlpool baths are also great if you’re suffering from aching muscles.


For a really sophisticated look, you might decide to decorate the space in monochrome. This can have a calming effect and it adds to the sense of luxury. Also, as well as using tiles in your bathroom, it can pay off to create a special feature wall using wallpaper. This helps ensure the room feels less functional and more design-led.

However, if you’re doing this, make sure you choose a wallpaper that’s suitable for bathrooms and don’t let it come into regular direct contact with water.

To add a splash of colour to monochrome rooms, you can add vibrant towels and other accessories.

Vanity units

It’s also worth taking a look at the vanity units now available. These items exude class and style, and they also help you keep any clutter down to a minimum. For the best results, make sure you choose one that’s really attractive.

Come to us

When you’re on the lookout for products to help you create that spa feeling at home, you can check out our selection here at We’re experts when it comes to bathroom items and should have everything you need.

Those little extras

If you’re making the effort to revamp your bathroom with products from our website, it’s well worth going that extra mile and investing in some little extras too. For example, so that you can bathe in style, it’s important to have lots of quality soaps, oils, moisturisers and so on.

Also, adding some decorative candles and flowers can help to bring the space to life.

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