Back-to-school bathroom tips for the whole family.

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Chances are, if you've got kids, you're settling back into a routine after summer. School's back, so the chaos of getting ready and out the door on time in the morning might be proving a struggle. It's not easy coordinating everyone's movements, especially if you've only got one bathroom but a few people who need to get ready on any given day. So here, we've created some tips on how to have a harmonious morning and peaceful start to the day.

  1. Schedules. It might sound a bit regimented, but if you've got a few teenagers or kids and two parents who need to get to work on time, a queue for the bathroom in the morning is the last thing you'll need. Try and create a routine that has everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. Organise it so that a few people have their showers at night so there's not a scramble for the bathroom in the morning. It'll mean that hot water won't be too much of an issue, and there won't be a queue outside the door either. Some people prefer taking a shower at night so find out who that is and make sure that they adhere to the timetable. And for those showering in the morning, set a time limit. No one should be allowed to hog the bathroom for a 20 minute leisurely shower. shower
  2. Heated towel rails. With everyone going out and about every day, with sports and activities back on the agenda, you could quickly see an increase in the laundry pile, especially from towels. Invest in a heated towel rail. Not only do they warm up your room, but they will dry your towels after they're used, meaning that people get more than one use out of them, saving you time, and also saving on water costs. Good for you and for the environment! We have a large selection of heated towel rails that you can check out here. We love the Mason 1200 x 500 - it's generously sized and stylish and a steal at £208. Another tip is to give everyone a different coloured towel so that there's no confusion as to who owns which one - and no arguments about who left theirs on the floor!heated towel rail
  3. A double vanity unit. These are life savers on busy mornings when a few people are scrambling over the basin. Kids can brush their teeth in unison without elbowing one another out of the way. And you and your other half can do things like shave or apply makeup. Double vanity units are super stylish but they're also really practical and with plenty of storage. We have a fab selection that will add a bit of wow factor to your bathroom. Double Vanity Unit
  4. Storage, storage and more storage. Having things clutter up your bathroom means that they're not easily found when  you're looking for them, but if everyone has their own little corner of space for their own things, there will be less of a scramble in the mornings. Allocate space for everyone. Give them little baskets so that their own things like deodorant, soaps, creams etc are all in one place instead of spilling out at the basin or looking unsightly on shelves. Our storage columns are excellent for giving you much needed extra storage space without taking up too much surface area in your bathroom. storage column
  5. Accessories. This is especially important for smaller kids. Make sure things like toothbrushes and toothpaste are within easy reach so that you don't have to help them with every little thing. Invest in a simple step that they can use at the basin. We have a great selection of wall mounted toothbrush holders so that things aren't being knocked over by little hands in the morning rush. (Don't forget the dentists recommend that you brush your child's teeth for them until at least the age of seven!)toothbrush holder
  6. Cleaning. An organised, tidy bathroom is a more harmonious bathroom. Make sure everyone does their bit. Teach the kids that the toilet paper doesn't change itself and to throw empties in the bin. Give the bathroom a quick once over daily to avoid any mess or clutter building up. It'll take minutes when you do it regularly. Get everyone to do their fair share. If you're upgrading toilets, we highly recommend rimless technology. They're so much easier to keep clean than standard toilets. rimless toiletSo there you have it. Fingers crossed the back-to-school routine is going well and these simple tips should definitely make the transition easier for everyone. For more information on our products and for all your bathroom renovation needs, check out