Black Friday - bathrooms, American style.

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BLACK Friday is fast approaching and we’ll have a selection of AMAZING deals for you to feast upon. And as the traditionally American bargain fest comes to our shores, we’ve decided to take a look at American-style bathrooms and show you how you can incorporate one into your home. As with lots of things Stateside, bathrooms tend to be much bigger over there than they are here in the UK. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add little touches here and there that will help you create a stunning statement room that’s both practical and relaxing.

  1. Many American bathrooms tend to be traditional in style - you’ll see a lot of ‘Colonial’ inspired looks. We’ve got the perfect products that fit that bill in the form of the Ashbury range of furniture, which comes in chalk white or stone. These classic pieces will add an air of sophistication to your room and would fit perfectly with this look. The concept of bathroom furniture definitely made it to America before here, so it’s quite unusual to see pedestal basins as most have in built storage. Make the most of your storage space by including a vanity unit in your bathroom. We have many space saving options so even if space is tight, you’ll have somewhere to keep your things in the bathroom. If you do have extra room to work with, consider a storage column as well.traditional bathroom
  2. Mirrors. Mirrors can be the focal point of a bathroom and you can add a bit of bling to your bathroom by choosing a statement mirror with built in LED lights. They look fantastic and your bathroom will look much more glamorous.bathroom mirror with lights
  3. One thing Americans love - and let’s face it, who doesn’t - is a big shower with fantastic water pressure. We have a superb range of shower trays that will allow you to install a wet room effect bathroom without the expense of having to completely tank out and tile everywhere. Our wet room panels come in various sizes and combinations, meaning you can create the perfect shower for your space. We also have a wide selection of amazing shower kits that will give you a luxurious experience every day. Check with your plumber to ensure that your water pressure is sufficient before choosing your shower.power shower
  4. In America, regulation surrounding electrical equipment in bathrooms is different. You often see sockets for things like hair dryers or hair straighteners in the bathroom, which isn’t allowed over here. We do, however, have a selection of mirrors the you can plug your shaving equipment into or charge your electric toothbrush in - or even connect to your mobile via bluetooth.
  5. Bubble baths are favourites everywhere, and Hollywood has certainly given us plenty of iconic scenes featuring them. Upgrade your bath to a whirlpool bath for a spa vibe at home. Or why not opt for a freestanding tub for a totally romantic haven at home.bubble bath
  6. Speaking of Hollywood, it’s not at all unusual to see TVs in bathrooms - check out the options if you’d like to lie back in your bubble bath and watch the latest films or get your Netflix fix. Bliss. Check out our tips on installing a TV in your bathroom here.

We have such great value available all year round here at and this Black Friday, you'll make massive savings. Talk to our experts about how to create the look that's right for you. Happy shopping!