Choosing the Right Bath for You

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Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that baths are useful. A long soak at the end of a hard day, a chance to scrub away those hard to remove stains, bathing the kids, and the dog (although not at the same time), we’ve all had to use a bath at one time or another. Even if you’re not a bath person, it’s always nice to have the occasional soak with candles and a glass of wine for the ultimate relaxation session. Choosing the right bath to: one, fit your bathroom and two, fit your needs, can be tricky so have a think about what you want to use your bath for.

There are several different baths to choose from, from single and double ended baths, to corner whirlpool baths, to steel baths to name but a few. So what makes these baths different to one another and what advantages do they have?

Single ended baths are generally rectangular in shape, and have the taps at one end. These are probably the most common baths you’ll see, ideally placed in smaller bathrooms. Slightly narrower, they make up for the lack of width in length, so you have plenty of space to lay back and relax. Double ended baths have the taps in the middle, perfect for a romantic night in for two; it stops someone from having to suffer the cold taps on their back.

Corner and whirlpool baths are fantastic if you want to completely relax and let the bubbles melt away your tensions. Why pay for a day in an expensive spa when you have your very own whirlpool bath sat at home ready whenever you want it? Corner baths are deceptively spacious, and also help to create space in your bathroom. There is still plenty of room to lie down in and is a very popular choice with people looking for a sleek and modern bathroom.

For those of you who simply can’t choose between a shower and a bath (or live in a house where there is some disagreement over whether to have a shower or a bath) then the two can be combined. Great in smaller bathrooms, a shower and screen are fitted to give the choice of a shower or a bath, so everyone is happy.

Experts in UK bathrooms, deliver baths which are undrilled which means that you can choose exactly which taps you want and where they should be placed. Our range is vast and is available for immediate dispatch. Close relationships with our suppliers, means that we can develop products based on our customers’ needs. If you’re unsure about which one to choose, our friendly team will be happy to help on the phone and to chat online. We want you to love your bathroom as much as we do.

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