Creating a child friendly bathroom

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If you're building or renovating and hoping to create a bathroom your kids will love and that will suit their needs as they grow, look no further. We've got amazing products that will help you create the perfect space.



  1. If you've got small children, chances are they'll be bathed as opposed to showered for the first few years of their lives. We've got a fantastic range - from whirlpool baths - the novelty of the bubbles is sure to wow them - to gorgeous freestanding ones that will give your bathroom a touch of class. You'll want your bathroom to stand the test of time, so get something that your kids will still love in years to come, when they turn into fussy teens!
  2. Bright colours. You can add splashes of colour to your bathroom in many ways - with accessories such a candles, with colourful bath mats or towels, or with art work on the walls. Most bathroom suits are white so you can make things more appealing for kids by putting in things they're sure to love.
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    3. Give them adequate storage for their bits and bobs. As kids grow, so too does the stuff they accumulate. If your kids are sharing the bathroom, give them some individual space by allocating a shelf or drawer in their vanity unit. Storage columns are ideal as they've got loads of room for things like face cloths, lotions etc. It encourages them to keep their space tidy.

    4. Think of your taps. Make sure that they're easy to use for little hands. Mixer taps that lift up are a lot easier to use than individual taps you have to twist. Mixer taps are also safer in that there's less chance of burning themselves on hot water.

    5. Bath toys! It may seem obvious, but bathtime becomes a whole lot more fun with some toys and a bit of bubbles added. Get a nice basket to keep them tidy too. 6. Thermostatic shower kits are fantastic for kids' bathrooms as the water won't be too hot and therefore they'll find it easier to manage showering along when they're old enough to do so. We've got a fantastic range of shower heads and kits available at brilliant prices, with some reduced to clear.

    All of our products are suitable for creating a fabulous family bathroom that will grow with your children. Put some thought into it at the beginning to future proof and if you're stuck, ask our experts for advice. We're available Monday-Friday, 9-5pm on the phone or via webchat on