Double Vanity Units You'll Love

Categories: Bathroom

Are you fed up of scrambling over the sink every morning? Do you find each other arguing over elbow room, squeezing around as one of you is shaving and the other attempting to apply makeup, or waiting for the room to spit out toothpaste? It could be time to invest in a double vanity unit. It could save on squabbles! Here are some of our favourites:

  1. This double vanity unit from Twyford is sleek and beautiful. It's wall hung so you'll have plenty of space to tuck in your feet. It also makes cleaning underneath and around it a doddle. The two soft closing drawers have plenty of room for your bits and bobs and the chrome handles are stylish. The water resistant finish means it's durable and functional to boot. 
  2. This beauty has a real Scandinavian vibe about it. It's light grey tone and warm wood will be a timeless addition to your bathroom. The price includes the vanity AND the basins and the sleek handles will look fab in your minimalist style bathroom. 
  3. The four drawer Athena Gloss double vanity is really practical. There's so much storage in it and there's also plenty of space around the basins for things like soap, your lotions and potions. The colour is really a statement piece as well and would look fab against contrasting white tiles. 
  4. This is a classic piece. Its rich, warm colour will never go out of style and it would suit either a contemporary or traditional bathroom. Again, it's got oodles of storage - so no more excuses for bathroom clutter!Check out these and our full range on