How to Choose the Right Toilet

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How to Choose a toilet

A toilet is just a toilet right? Not really, toilets come in various styles, shapes and technologies.  When choosing a toilet consider the below points.

1. Space

Consider the amount of space available to you. Make sure when the bathroom door opens there is plenty of room. Equally make sure to have enough space ether side of the toilet and enough leg room in front. If you are limited to space you may need a short projection toilet. Some wall hung toilets are very compact and can project as little as 480mm.
Alternatively if you are not stuck for space, and are on the taller size there are comfort height toilets on the market now which are more comfortable for the taller among us.

Wall Hung and Space Saving Toilets Wall Hung and Comfort Height Toilets

2. Style

There are a myriad of styles to choose from nowadays, from wall hung, back to wall to close coupled.

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets can be very stylish and compact. The toilet doesn't touch the floor so makes cleaning easier.  It also looks good and goes well with wall hung bathroom furniture. Bear in mind though you will need a mounting frame and concealed cistern and enough space behind the toilet to fit the cistern.

wall hung toilets and mounting frame for how to choose a toilet

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets include the pan only where the cistern is concealed. The pan is flush against the wall with a concealed cistern. These toilets offer quite a modern and sleek look but do require a concealed cistern.

back to wall toilet and concealed cistern for how to choose a toilet

Close Coupled Toilets

These are the most common type of toilet and can be fully back to wall or open back.
This is where the pan and cistern are connected. Fully shrouded close coupled toilets mean the flush pipe at the back of the toilet is concealed in the pan. Can be popular as there is less are to clean and can also look quite stylish

Close Coupled Toilets

There are lots of options to choose from, please feel free to browse our full range of toilets.