How to Increase the Appeal of Your House When Selling

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Selling a property at any time can be difficult, but selling it in the current climate, well things have just been made a whole lot harder. There are many reasons a house might not sell, the appearance, the location or that you might be in a chain. Two out of those three, you can’t do anything about, but the appearance of the property? That’s one thing you can do something about.

The first thing most people look for when they are viewing a house is what state is the bathroom in? Did the suite go out of fashion in the 70’s? Are the features in the best places to maximise space? To sell your home, you must think like a buyer. Detach yourself and look at your bathrooms and think, would I buy the house in its present state? If the answer is no, then action must be taken.

When people think about replacing their bathroom suite, it can fill them with dread. They might think that it's too much hard work to replace everything or too expensive. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. With bathroom suites from costing as little as a few hundred pounds, then the rewards you reap from the sale of the house will be worth the inconvenience. Of course, if your bathroom isn’t in too bad shape, and is just in need of a bit of TLC, then new accessories could spruce up a tired looking space, such as new storage spaces, to hide all the usual paraphernalia from view.

A modern bathroom, in classic colours will never go out of fashion, and it will appeal to all tastes. Ranges such as Orca or Moda are perfect examples of contemporary suites. The white vitreous china will look sleek and clean in a bright and modern bathroom and won’t break the bank. Keeping clutter shut away in a storage unit to match your suite will also appeal especially if it is a small bathroom and space is limited. A classic colour such as white or black will allow your viewers to imagine their own belongings in there, not imagining what it would be like to rip it out and start again.

En-suite bathrooms are a huge selling point to potential buyers, many of whom love the convenience and luxury an en-suite affords. Not only do en-suite bathrooms add attraction to the property, they can even add real value to the price. Of course, many older homes don’t have en-suite bathrooms built in, but with so many space saving products on the market, such as the back to wall toilet, slim lined storage cupboards and shower, it would be fairly easy to squeeze a small en-suite or shower room into the property.

As with any work carried out in the property, if the work is done to a high standard, then the appeal and value will be much higher than if the work is shoddy. Remember, you want people to walk in and think ‘I won’t have to change a thing’, and your house will be sold in no time!

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