How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

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Unfortunately, not all homes are blessed with large bathrooms complete with bath, shower, toilet and sink as well as ample storage space. Many bathrooms, especially in flats or small houses are a little on the compact side so careful thought must go into every aspect of the bathroom to maximise space.

If you’re looking to overhaul your small bathroom then you need to plan very carefully. Doing your homework (and lots of sketching), will help you decide the layout which best suits your needs. Should the bath be under the window, or the sink behind the door, and what about that corner of space which isn’t doing anything at all? Careful planning and research into clever space saving bathroom furniture will make it into a bathroom you’re proud of.

Before you begin ripping your current bathroom suite out, take a moment to decide exactly what you need. Can you make do with just a shower enclosure or can you simply not live without your bath? What sort of storage do you want in there, will a cupboard under the sink suffice or is more space needed?

There are a number of ways to make your small bathroom feel more spacious. Firstly, changing your current vanity sink for a wall mounted or pedestal sink will open up the space immediately. Vanity sinks take up quite a lot of floor space which in a small bathroom is not ideal. The same goes for a wall hung toilet. The absence of a cistern means the toilet is closer to the wall, which frees up more space than what a traditional toilet would.

Once you have decided on your space saving furniture, you should concentrate on making the rest of the bathroom as bright and contemporary as the suite you have chosen. Light, pale colours will create the illusion of more space whereas dark or bright colours might have the opposite effect. Save your bright colours for your towels or other accessories, and stick to neutrals for your walls. Extra light in the bathroom will also help open up the space and make it seem bigger. Lights installed in the ceiling can be spaced so that there are no dull corners, making the room bright and airy. If it is possible, you could even think of installing a bigger window or skylight to increase the natural light flooding into the room.

Light and neutral flooring will again make the space seem bigger. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to new flooring, a large rug will do the same job, just be careful not to trip up over it! As with any room, clutter can make it seem untidy and overly busy, so hide your pots and potions away, follow the other space saving tips and create yourself a calm and relaxing environment.

Luxury bathrooms do not need to cost the earth, and no matter what the size or shape of your bathroom, will have the choice and range of products to suit any bathroom.

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