How to speed clean your bathroom.

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If you've got guests coming for Christmas, you're probably in a panic at this stage about the state of your house. We've all been there - especially at this time of the year: there's just so much to do and so little time and cleaning usually gets left until last, especially if you have young children. So here at we've put together some tips on how to speed clean your bathroom to have it ready for the festive season.

  • Grab a bin bag and place it strategically outside the door. Into this goes the empty toilet roll holders that everyone has neglected to put in the bin since God knows when. The same goes for any other rubbish that happens to be lying around - empty shampoo bottles, empty bottles of bleach or the inevitably overflowing bin.

full bin

  • Wipes are your best friend. Tackle the taps, the door handle, the flusher and any other shiny surfaces. You could even use them to wipe the toilet itself and the seat - but don't be tempted to throw the wipes down the toilet as they will block it and that's definitely not what you need with visitors on the way. Throw the used wipes into the bin bag as well.


  • Use glass cleaner to spray the mirrors and rub with paper towels or a clean, dry cloth. Wipe it in circular motions until it's dry and all the streaks are gone.

Clear Shield Easy Clean Glass

  • Throw some bleach down the toilet and let it sit for a while before taking the toilet brush and scrubbing all around the bowl. If you're lucky enough to have a rimless toilet from cleaning your toilet will be a much less painful job as germs and dirt have nowhere to hide.
  • Next, tackle the floor. Sweep or hoover up any dust and then cover your brush with more wipes to give a quick wipe right into the corners.
  • Rinse the hand basin with hot water and be sure to remove soap scum, hairs and any other mess accumulating in there.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Bathroom

  • Change the hand towel and neatly place on the rail. Make sure there's toilet paper in the holder and not just on the cistern/on the radiator/on the floor or wherever people usually leave it when they can't be bothered replacing it.
  • Flush the toilet and give it a scrub with the toilet brush. Spray a bit of air freshener if you so wish, or leave the window open to air the place out a bit. Give the floor a quick mop, grab the bin bag you've been using for rubbish and leave the room. All done!

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