The Shard Offers Sky High Toilets

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If you like to live life on the wild side, you may well consider buying tickets to one of London’s latest tourist attractions. The Shard is the UK’s tallest building and members of the general public are able to buy a panoramic view of the capital city in the building which is next to London Bridge station. Despite some pretty steep entry prices, ticket sales have been going well.

With an impressive viewing platform which is sited 243m (800ft) up in the air, tickets for the first two days on sale were completely sold out. Tourists will have to take two lifts to level 68 of the building before reaching the final viewing on the 72nd floor which is partly open to the elements. Special telescopes known as Tell: scopes, have been installed for visitors to look through. These high tech devices show not only live ‘as it is’ images, but also what clear day, sunset, and night time views also look like at the push of a button.

Chief executive of The View from the Shard Andy Nyberg said: "This is the only place you can see the whole of London at once and, as such, is a natural starting point for exploring the UK's capital."

However, one of the major talking points from the press visit to the site before it was opened to the public is the fact that the toilets are probably some of the highest in the world. Nowhere else will you be able to relieve yourself whilst towering over London looking through the glass panel walls. On a clear day you can see for up to 40 miles around, which gives you a whole new perspective when you want to spend a penny.

It is safe to say that you are unlikely to be able to get the same experience in your bathroom back home, but there are plenty of other ways to add a little bit of gadgetry to UK bathrooms. For example, a slow closing toilet seat serves a useful function and can also keep the kids amused for hours as they watch how quickly the seat can go downwards! Whilst you may not be 800 ft up in the air, it is also always useful to ensure that you have a decent bath grab rail attached to the side wall of your bath to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Many people like to listen to music whilst they are in the bath or shower, so it may be worthwhile installing a radio or mp3 system. However, always be wary of using electronic devices in the bathroom as they do not tend to mix well with water!

With tickets for the Shard costing £24.95 when bought in advance for adults (£29.95 if bought on the day), and £18.95 for advance children’s ticket (£22.95 if bought on the day) there is no doubt that the prices may put some people off, even if it means not seeing the sky high toilet!

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