Thinking of installing a bathroom TV? Here's what you need to know.

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HAVE you ever checked into a hotel, swooned over their bathroom complete with television and thought, "I want that"? Us too. Having a bathroom TV is some people's idea of the ultimate in luxury and it doesn't have to be a complicated matter either. Thanks to advances in technology, getting a TV suitable for the bathroom isn't a big deal. There are even entire websites dedicated to it, such as TVs built for outdoor use are also suitable for the bathroom as they have to be weatherproof, so they're safe from any splashes or condensation too. So once you've chosen a suitable set, what else do you need to think about if you want to pimp out your bathroom with a telly?

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Check out our list here:

1. Safety. You need to secure your TV properly - so whether that's mounting it to a wall or shelf or keeping it inside a unit, you need to make sure that it won't topple over or fall. This is especially important if you've got curious kids. As with any TV, it's important that it's kept out of their reach so they can't pull it down on top of themselves. And of course the last thing you need is for your TV to come tumbling down on you while you're soaking in the bath!

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2. Positioning. Where do you think you'd get the most use out of your TV in the bathroom? Will you watch the news headlines while brushing your teeth? Indulge in your favourite boxset while soaking in the bath? Pick the best spot on your wall and you could even play around with mirrors so that you can benefit from a view from various angles. A unit that you can tilt or swivel is very handy.

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3. Aesthetic. Does your TV match the rest of your decor? A TV definitely stands out more in your bathroom than it does in your living room, especially as many bathrooms are white in colour and have a lot less texture. A big black monstrosity against your pristine white tiles mightn't look great so shop around for something that matches your style of bathroom. Alternatively, you could keep your TV in a cupboard or even hide it behind some custom art. The possibilities are endless if you're creative enough.

4. Pick the right bathroom furniture. There's no point in having a TV if your view is restricted Our Clear Shield shower doors will ensure your can see the set even when you're washing your hair. Check out our range here.

So there you have it. Would you put a TV in your bathroom? Make sure the rest of your suite is as luxurious by shopping with us at, where you pay less for amazing products.