Three Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom

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If your bathroom is looking tired and worn, now may be a good time to give it a revamp. After all, what else is there to do in the winter than stay in and look at showcase bathrooms in catalogues and online? Now you may believe that revamps and updates are big tasks which require plenty of time and effort. This isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, there are plenty of simple things you can do to give your bathroom a new lease of life which don’t require you to go on a DIY night school course or book a week off work.

Don’t believe us?

Well read on and you might just change your mind.

Get New Bathroom Taps

New taps are perhaps the most essential purchase when it comes to giving your bathroom a new lease of life as they can bring your bathroom right up-to-date and greatly enhance the overall look of the room. Indeed, taps are much like jewellery; the right taps can finish off a bathroom in much the same way as the right necklace can complete an outfit. And, like jewellery, taps are now available in more eye-catching designs than ever before. For example, open spout taps are perfect for creating a chic, contemporary look as they are able to provide a waterfall-type effect which is as calming as it is stylish. Taps with a black finish are perfect for creating a bold, designer look, while white taps are the ideal option if you’re after a cool, minimalist vibe.

Replace your Radiator for a Heated Towel Rail

Replacing your old-fashioned radiator with a heated towel rail will not only ensure your towels are always lovely and warm; it will also add immediate style to your bathroom. Heated towel rails come in a wide array of sizes and are available in all kinds of styles and finishes including chrome, white and even anthracite. If you want to be really decadent then you could always consider getting electric under-floor heating installed. Without doubt, having gentle warmth under your feet rather than cold tiles on a cold winter’s morning really is an absolute delight!

Swap your Shower Curtain with a Bath Screen

Bath screens are much better at creating an effective waterproof seal than shower curtains. Moreover, bath screens also look far more stylish than shower curtains. Indeed, a bath screen will not only make your bathroom look more sleek and minimalist; it will also help to make it seem larger and give it a more open, airy feel. Bath screens are available in a variety of styles including folding, sliding and hinged. Some bath screens even have handy rails which you can keep your towel on whilst you're having a shower.

So there you have it – simple, yet very effective.

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