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There’s no shortage of superb bathroom products to choose from these days. Whether you’re after entire contemporary bathroom suites or single items like shower enclosures, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The only trouble is, despite the availability of stylish and great value items, you might be lacking inspiration. Knowing what to buy for your home can be tricky, especially if you’ve got stuck in an interior design rut.

Help is at hand

The good news is, there is plenty of help at hand. By browsing the web, you can pick up expert tips. For example, comments made by top interior designer Nina Campbell in the Daily Telegraph may get your creative juices flowing.

She recommended creating the “ultimate refuge where you can indulge yourself with delicious-smelling hot baths”.


The designer went on to suggest that the basin is the most important part of a bathroom. To create the best effects with your basin, it may be wise to place it on top of a specially adapted piece of furniture. According to the expert, this looks good and it’s also practical because it means you’ll have more storage space.

To complete the look, you might want to hang an attractive mirror over the top of the basin, she noted.

Carpet is a no no

When it comes to flooring, it’s best to stay away from carpet, Ms Campbell claimed. About this, she said: “A bathroom needs to be practical, comfortable and stylish. It has to be clean at all times, so you can’t use carpet - although it used to be considered luxurious. Bathroom carpet was fine in the days of massive houses and huge rooms, where carpet was for warmth, but can easily look worn and discoloured.”

Now, it’s best to use wood, tiles or marble, she advised.

Where to put your loo

She also revealed that one of her pet hates when it comes to bathrooms is opening the door to the rooms to immediately see the toilet in front of her. If possible, it’s a good idea to tuck it behind something else. This is easier if you have an L-shaped bathroom, she conceded.

See for yourself

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