Top tips for choosing your perfect bath

Categories: Bathroom

YOU MIGHT not have a bath every day but if you're thinking of investing in one for your bathroom, you want to make sure it's the right one for you. Whether it's for bathing the kids, for indulging in some relaxation after a long and busy day, you'll want to find something that ticks all the right boxes. Check out or tips below for finding something that's perfect for your family.

  1. Think about your available space. You might want large bath that will be a luxurious focal point in your bathroom, but in practical terms, you need to make sure that you have adequate space. A 2000x900 double ended bath might be out of reach, for example, but there's nothing to stop you getting something smaller to suit your space. There's no point in over-crowding your bathroom and not having enough room to fit your other essentials. We have sizes to suit most bathrooms - so whether it's a corner bath or a fabulous freestanding, get the measurements right from the get go. Our customer services team are always happy to help.
  2. Bubbles or not? If you're keen on adding a home spa vibe to your bathroom, you might want to consider a whirlpool bath. We have a fantastic selection, starting from just £329. They also come in corner baths, so you could still fit one in if you're tight on space. Glorious! 
  3. Will you be having a separate bath and a shower or will you have a shower above your bath? If you are tight on space, you might have no choice but to have the two in one, but this doesn't mean it can't be a super stylish option. We have a wide selection of bath shower screens for you to choose from, and all are beautifully designed to complement your interior style. Incredibly sleek and stylish, our bath screens in the UK are a functional and chic alternative to shower curtains. They're all easy to clean and maintain too. 
  4. Taps. Do you want a free standing tap, or perhaps you'd prefer a bath filler? Maybe you'd like traditional styles, or perhaps you prefer something contemporary. Make sure that your style matches that of your bath. Again, double check with our sales team - they're more than happy to provide you with answers to whichever questions you may have. 
  5. Who's going to be using the bath? Do you have kids? Is it for an elderly person? Are you particularly tall? All these will help you decide what to pick. You might want to keep the taps out of reach to small kids, or install an anti-scald accessory. We have products that will suit your whole family. Check out our wide selection on