Spring Cleaning

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It may be subtle but there is a hint of spring in the air, and a touch of longer evenings.
Time to maybe look at some spring cleaning. Many households around the UK are looking to spruce up their homes including their bathrooms.

You could change your toilet or bath , or if your budget doesn't stretch that far some well chosen accessories could be all you need to give your bathroom that fresh look for spring.

Here are some small changes you could make right now for a brand new looking bathroom:
1. A bathroom cabinet to store your towels
2. Some wall mounted bathroom accessories to tidy away toothbrushes and toothpaste
3. Give your bath a good scrub - here's a useful non toxic scrub from Martha Stewart
4. Why not put a bathroom shelf over the bathroom door for added space for all your toiletries
5. Throw out old toiletries that you don't use.

Whatever you decide, give your bathroom some TLC and don't forget to visit us , we may just have what you are looking for!.

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